Maldives Wellness Review

Biznorm Launches New Range of Coconut Oils and Detox Teas

In late 2023, two new and authentic ranges of coconut oil were introduced to the market. Manufactured in the Maldives by Biznorm, a Sole Proprietorship founded by Aminath Hushama, Marv is a range of products that specializes in utilizing the cosmetic uses of coconut oil, while Organic KcuK range consists of coconut oil that can add […]

Kovaru: A Symphony of Flavors and Nutrients

KOVARU originates from a collective commitment to well-being and the desire for improved choices. Recognizing the difficulty in di scovering rejuvenating beverages, the brand emerges as a solution, prioritizing your health with a convenient option. What distinguishes KOVARU is their unwavering commitment to maintaining product purity, eschewing preservatives, and additives. The brand seamlessly blends Maldivian […]