Maldives Wellness Review

Redefining Fitness

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba/ Unsplash In our modern, fast-paced world, the fundamental principles of fitness can often feel obscured, leaving many feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin. Locally, the idea of fitness can swing between the extremes of hardcore bodybuilding and simply aiming for basic health maintenance. While fitness is often […]

Fuvahmulah, an Island of Wellness

Fuvahmulah is blessed with an environment of Wellness. The island is well laid out with green open spaces and surrounded by an amazing ring road, Naib Thuthu Hingun. The ring road follows the beach line. Walking is a proven wellness activity according to neuroscience. Photo Credit: Fuvahmulah City Council Wellness is an inbuilt feature of […]


(Note from the Editor) The Muslim holy month of fasting is observed throughout the Maldives archipelago every year. Communities on every inhabited island of the country prepare for the month. Traditionally, and even at present, refurbishing apartments or houses, decorating the house compounds with clear white powdery sand, preparation of special treats to be had […]