Maldives Wellness Review

Maldives Wellness Review (MWR) regularly features a range of stories in the wellness space.It is a content and events brand with digital, print and event platforms with a strong and growing social media presence. is regularly updated with news and reviews from the wellness industry including destination reviews, product reviews, supplier profiles and interviews. In the Maldives, the spa sector has played a significant role in positioning the resorts as wellness destinations and in promoting Maldives to travelers seeking wellness experiences.

While keeping in mind a broad definition of wellness, MWR also supports sustainability and ecological awareness and respect to nature in all wellness and other entrepreneurial endeavors and this is reflected in our content. Our stories are curated keeping in mind the diverse range of skills and expertise that come into play in the wellness economy, and our contributors and patrons either have a proven track record in this regard or are aspiring to such values