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The southwest monsoon has arrived in the southern atolls of the Maldives, marking the onset of an exciting period for watersports enthusiasts.

In a recent announcement, the Met Office highlighted the two distinct seasons experienced in the Maldives, with the southwest monsoon typically spanning from January to March and then from May to November.

Traditionally, the western monsoon’s influence begins in the southern atolls during the first or second week of May, followed by the southwest monsoon’s progression through the central atolls, eventually enveloping the entire country by the end of May.

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This year, the southwest monsoon commenced in the southern atolls on May 9th, signaling the start of a thrilling season for watersports.

The onset of the southwest monsoon brings favorable conditions for watersports activities across the Maldives. With the increase in rainfall and wind patterns characteristic of this monsoon, the archipelago becomes a playground for surfers, kiteboarders, and divers alike.

The criteria for identifying the onset of the southwest monsoon, including significant rainfall and wind gusts, also contribute to creating ideal conditions for watersports enthusiasts. These conditions provide ample opportunities for surfing on the waves, harnessing the wind for exhilarating kiteboarding sessions, and exploring the vibrant underwater world through diving adventures.

While the Met Office warns of normal rainfall in certain regions during the southwest monsoon, watersports enjoyers can capitalize on this period’s unique weather patterns. The increased rainfall and wind gusts contribute to creating dynamic and thrilling experiences, making it an ideal time to explore the Maldives’ aquatic playground.

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As the forecast suggests above-average rainfall in the north-central atolls during July, August, and September, visitors can anticipate even more excitement during these months. Despite the rainfall, both regions of the country are expected to receive below-average rainfall overall, ensuring plenty of opportunities for watersports activities.

Moreover, the peak temperatures across all parts of the country during these months provide additional motivation to take to the waters and indulge in activities. Whether it’s riding the waves, soaring through the air with kiteboarding, or diving into the depths of the ocean, the southwest monsoon in the Maldives offers an ideal backdrop for unforgettable watersports adventures.

Cover Image Photo Credit: Ishan/ Seen from the Sky / Unsplash

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