Maldives Wellness Review

The government of the Maldives has initiated the process of establishing a ‘Happiness Index’ for the nation. Minister responsible for the administration of cities and public services, Adam Shareef made the announcement last week at a press conference.

Minister Shareef emphasized the importance of comprehending the levels of happiness, satisfaction, hope, and overall conditions across all islands as the Maldives undergoes developmental strides akin to other nations. Hence, the government has undertaken a special initiative to construct a meaningful framework for the country’s ‘happiness index.’

“This endeavor aims to gain insights into the well-being and circumstances of rural areas,” stated the minister. “We plan to engage in an inclusive process, involving extensive consultation with local communities and multiple stakeholders, to ensure the holistic understanding of rural conditions through an index. Furthermore, we aim to recognize and reward high-performing regions.”

Photo Credit: Visit Maldives

Additionally, Minister Shareef expressed the intention to solicit public opinion and seek input from professionals within the field to determine relevant parameters for the ‘happiness index.’

Internationally, the concept of a “happiness index” encompasses various factors such as crime reduction, sustainable development efforts, environmental cleanliness, social cohesion, family relationships, child safety, elderly care, support for individuals with special needs, quality of education, healthcare accessibility, public awareness, cultural heritage preservation, religious tolerance, and welfare initiatives for marginalized communities.

“We will align our approach with global best practices,” affirmed Minister Shareef. “The groundwork for this initiative will commence this year, with the aim of establishing the country’s inaugural ‘happiness index’ by the following year.”

The World Happiness Index, introduced by the United Nations in 2011, serves as a benchmark for measuring living standards and happiness levels worldwide. By adopting a resolution, the Maldivian government intends to conduct annual surveys to gauge the populace’s well-being and living conditions. Finland has consistently secured the top rank in this index for the past seven consecutive years.

Cover Photo Credit: Visit Maldives