Maldives Wellness Review

Well known for her boot camps and online coaching in the Maldives, personal trainer to high profile travelers to the Maldives and celebrities, and founder of @trainwithkai has opened her fitness facility “Unit 1 – Train to Win”. This is a unisex gym established in Malé City, for those whom she inspires. Kai asserts that her gym is the first of its kind in Malé specializing exclusively on functional training.

Kai holds certifications in body transformation, Muaythai, and sports nutrition. Over the course of her fifteen years in the industry, Kai is renowned for her efforts as a trainer. She contributes to high profile celebrities maintain in shape while optimizing their fitness during trips to the Maldives on vacation. To embrace the development in her professional route, Kai is now based in the capital to oversee and operate her gym.

Unit 1 encourages its clients to participate in dynamic activities that will build strength and enrich their physical fitness journey! The clients are encouraged to unleash their full athletic potential with heart-pounding cardio and muscle-sculpting activities, kicking off the challenge to vibrancy and evolution. Unit 1 offers the following four major fitness programs:

This revolutionary functional fitness training program incorporates strength, endurance, and conditioning for optimal results. All the components of TOUGHTEAM are inspired by strive and efficiency, which ensures that each moment of the training yields rewards.

This program allows to explore the fascinating world of HIIT BOX, an exquisitely designed training program that demonstrates the body’s full potential. This remarkable combination of cardio and boxing engages the senses for 55 minutes, providing a workout experience unlike any other.

This is a distinct comprehensive yoga and Pilates sessions with medieval practices that reflect an optimal balance of physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Under the scope of its practice, clients will venture into the exhilarating worlds of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Hatha yoga.

iv. ABS45
This 45-minute core-blasting abdominal workout will have clients experiencing more resilience and tone. This energetic program targets all of the core’s major muscles, promoting the development of a strong foundation and improving overall stability. Clients are given the opportunity to sweat, feel the burn, and achieve a desirable midsection.

As intriguing as these programs sound, Kai confirms that combining all the four programs will result in a comprehensive body transformation bundle. So, what are you waiting for? According to fitness professionals, practicing intermittent fasting aids with weight management. If you haven’t already started working out, Ramadan is the perfect moment to explore your fitness expedition. Try this complete body transformation pack of Unit 1 and discover the outcome firsthand.

Another exciting update for those inspired by Kai is that during this Ramadan Unit 1 will be offering special programs. In response to tremendous demand, Unit 1 conducts programs exclusively for its lady clients. Every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday from 2130hrs to 2215hrs, a lady’s only TOUGHTEAM session is scheduled. They also offer Kids Mat Pilates sessions from 1600hrs to 1700hrs on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays as a Ramadan special.