Maldives Wellness Review

In late 2023, two new and authentic ranges of coconut oil were introduced to the market. Manufactured in the Maldives by Biznorm, a Sole Proprietorship founded by Aminath Hushama, Marv is a range of products that specializes in utilizing the cosmetic uses of coconut oil, while Organic KcuK range consists of coconut oil that can add a flavorful kick to your culinary work.

Hushama, a certified Nirvana instructor (a rhythmic breathing technique: a combination of Pilates and Yoga) was faced with a sports injury that forced her to take time off.  As a blessing in disguise, it was also an opportunity to reflect on a business venture, and gradually began the research for the products.

Founder and Owner of Biznorm; Aminath Hushama

Produced in a small facility in a local uninhabited island, the two lines of coconut oil are;


A collection that focuses on hair and skin care products; a harmony of nature and cosmetics crafted with pure organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and infused with nourishing herbs. The following products and sizes are available in this line:

  • 100 ml Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 100 ml Aloevera Coconut Blend
  • 100 ml Ginger Coconut Oil Blend
  • 100 ml Beach Gardenia Coconut Oil Blend
Organic Kcuk Range

Organic KcuK

Organic Kcuk is a range of products that will transform your cooking into a healthy and versatile affair, with its several Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil options to choose from.

  • 500 ml Coconut oil (MCT) for cooking 
  • 250 ml Fermented Black Seed Salad dressing 
  • 250 ml Fermented Garlic Salad Dressing 
  • 250 ml Fermented Chili and Pepper Salad Dressing

Biznormal is also working on a new range of detox teas; to be launched as Naturality: a line of detox teas made out of locally sourced and hand-picked leaves, roots and flowers. Teas act as a solution to counteract the negative effects of our normal lifestyles where, for instance, unhealthy eating habits result in high toxicity in the body. These teas will contribute to detoxifying the body through their natural and organic ingredients. The following flavors will be available under the Naturality brand:

  • Rose Tea
  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Butterfly Pea Tea
  • Jasmine Tea
  • SpearMint Tea

The Naturality detoxifying teas are expected to hit the market in May 2024.