Maldives Wellness Review

According to an article in Conde Nast, silent travel is becoming a key trend in 2024 as people try to unplug from their constantly switched-on world and become more mindful. This is increasingly good for our well-being as technology continues to rule our lives. 

We live in a noisy world with diminishing space for a wandering mind. There is much content vying for our attention and providing a constant soundtrack to our always-on lives, that opportunities to sit quietly with ourselves are rare. As a result, “People are becoming less accustomed to silence in our digital age”, says neuroscientist Anne-Sophie Fluri. “Noise can cause stress, especially when we don’t have control over it.” Indeed, studies have linked noise pollution to depression and cardiovascular disease.

Spending time in silence has countless well-being benefits, helping us to sit more comfortably with our thoughts and feelings, better manage stress, and even boost creativity. One study in mice linked periods of silence with the development of new brain cells, while another found that two minutes of silence produced a more calming effect than relaxing music. According to Anne-Sophie, incorporating silence into our daily lives can “improve our communication with others, deepen our relationship with ourselves, and build resilience in the face of life’s challenges.”

In overstimulated times we’re increasingly looking to switch off and find refuge from the chaos for a little while. Hence the rise of silent travel: a top travel trend for 2024.

What is silent travel?

Silent travel helps us disconnect to reconnect – to nature, to our true priorities, and to ourselves and doesn’t leave you needing a holiday to recover from your travels.

Rooted in the ancient practice of Vipassana (a meditation technique), people travel to “see things as they really are,” and gain insight. Holidaymakers seek out resorts that give them opportunities to meditate and reflect and The Maldives is a perfect location.

Silent travel isn’t just good for our wellbeing, but also for the planet, representing a more sustainable form of travel. “Natural quiet is an essential quality that both humans and wildlife need”, says Gordon Hempton, co-founder of Quiet Parks International. Quiet Parks is a non-profit on a mission to preserve quiet spaces for the benefit of all life. They campaign for a quieter world, through research, education and their Quiet Park certification scheme, and facilitate quiet travel experiences across the globe. Quiet travel experiences also give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re investing your money in something worthwhile.