Maldives Wellness Review

The Maldives Tourism Ministry has revealed the results of a new survey designed to capture the travel preferences of visitors worldwide, with wellness tourism emerging as a key trend.

More than 1,605 people were asked to complete a questionnaire upon exiting the International Departure Terminal of Velana International Airport in Hulhulé between August and September 2022.

Out of the responses received, 75% came from 11 markets including India, Russia, and Germany. The majority of participants were aged between 24 and 34 and came from cities like Moscow, London, Bangalore, Dubai, and Mumbai.

The Maldives is a popular destination for tourists worldwide, thanks to its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches. Many visitors want to escape their busy lifestyles and rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul. Those surveyed said they preferred staying in luxurious resorts, where they can relax in a peaceful environment surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Overwhelmingly, visitors cited rest as the main reason for choosing the Maldives as their holiday destination. 

During their stay in the county, visitors experienced a variety of wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, spa treatments, and healthy cuisine.

The survey found that Instagram inspired people to visit the Maldives, closely followed by recommendations from friends and family. 

Holidaymakers stayed 7.5 nights on average during off-peak. Of those 17% were repeat visitors who stayed 2.3 nights longer. Couples chose the Maldives as their romantic getaway while repeating visitors often travelled with their families. 

Visitors enjoyed their dining experience in the resorts and Maldivian cuisine was a highlight of their trip. Meal plans like all-inclusive and bed-and-breakfast were popular among resort guests and those staying in guesthouses, respectively. was the most popular website for securing a trip to the Maldives, while visitors also used TripAdvisor to plan their holidays. Many visitors booked their trips 12 months in advance, indicating the high demand for the Maldives as a preferred travel destination.

Accommodation reservations through OTAs and via resort hotel websites, and airline reservations through OTAs and airline websites directly or through flight search engines continue to be the most common methods used for reservations. 

According to the survey, visitors who travelled to the Maldives positively rated their experiences.  

An overwhelming 94 per cent of visitors rated their holiday satisfaction in the Maldives as excellent or very good.

Meanwhile, 82 per cent of visitors were extremely likely or very likely to return to the Maldives again.

Most visitors would recommend the Maldives to others, with 95 per cent stating they are extremely likely or very likely to recommend it.

Overall the lasting impressions of the Maldives were that it was “beautiful,” “paradise,” “amazing,” and “peaceful”. 

The participants highly rated the friendliness of the staff at resorts and guesthouses. 

Guests also appreciated the meet and greet service at Velana International Airport which was rated as the best among all visitors.